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Posted by ZreaperZ - August 26th, 2008

in relation to resent events. i present to you "6 frames of insanity".

this is intended as a joke. if your offended dont be a pussy in the comments.

New World Map ;)

Posted by ZreaperZ - May 29th, 2008

Yeah im looking for a programmer who would agree with these graphics.
Also the way of the game is not planned out so throwing in ideas also helps.


Posted by ZreaperZ - April 13th, 2008

Im working on a new game. I called it T-Virus. And yep you guessed it ther are zombies in it. It is a collection of 5 mini-games. Heres a screenie for you guys.


Posted by ZreaperZ - February 16th, 2008

There might be a slight chance that im going to make a new intro for Max and Box and a bigger chance that Box is gona be out of the picture. I havent found any point for him to be on the cartoon. But maybe ill even introuduce 2 new characters.

Im including a sneak peak of the first episode:|

The changing

Posted by ZreaperZ - February 7th, 2008

My Dream

Dream Picture

Posted by ZreaperZ - January 4th, 2008

There is a change of plans. Unless Max and Bob get a good voice actor soon theyr not going to have a voice until they get a voice actor. Sorry:(

Posted by ZreaperZ - January 3rd, 2008

Im starting with a new series called: The "mighty" adventures of Max and Box aka.Bob. It features a couple of strange beings. Max is a ball with two legs and a ginormous(changes size at will) mouth. Bob on the other hand is a barrel who can talk(max can talk also) and gives max the things he needs. I really hope im gona make loads of these episodes. YAY:P

Max and Bob greet you.

Posted by ZreaperZ - December 31st, 2007

NEW YEAR IS HERE. *cnock* wait ill get that *shotgun shot* HEY KIDS ITS ME new.... YEAR!!!!!